First Look At January Jones As Emma Frost In 'X-Men: First Class'

Emma FrostNow that most of the "X-Men: First Class" casting is completed, the next step in the movie coverage cycle has begun: the posting of leaked, in-costume character photos! First up is "Mad Men" actress January Jones, who was cast last month as the White Queen, Emma Frost.

Over at INF Daily, there's a dozen photos from the UK set of "X-Men: First Class" featuring Jones in costume as the telepathic, tough-as-diamonds Emma Frost.

But our first look at Jones as Emma Frost isn't the only element of the images worth noting.

Emma Frost

A quick glance through the images also reveals an interesting military presence, as well as more evidence of the 1960s-era setting for the film. We also get a look at Jones' stunt double in the movie, too.

Previously, "X-Men: First Class" director Bryan Singer alluded to a Silver Age theme for the film's mutants, and "James Bond"-style tech. Singer also revealed that Kevin Bacon will portray Sebastian Shaw, the leader of the villainous Hellfire Club, of which Emma Frost was a member.

"X-Men: First Class" will hit theaters on June 3, 2011.

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