The Drew Struzan 'Hellboy' Poster That Never Made It To Theaters

HellboyLegendary movie poster artist Drew Struzan's work was a hallmark for several generations of film fans, with memorable work on the "Indiana Jones," "Star Wars" and "Back to the Future" franchises. In fact, the chances are pretty high that if you grew up with any of the aforementioned movies, you know Struzan's art on sight.

That's why the upcoming release of "The Art of Drew Struzan" (published by Titan Books), caught our attention around MTV HQ. Hitting shelves September 14, the collection offers a peek at countless pieces of art Struzan created for films over the years — some used, some not — and the fascinating back stories behind them.

Along with some unused "Harry Potter" poster designs (among other films), them are several designs for well-known comic book movies, including multiple poster designs for 2004's "Hellboy" movie directed by Guillermo del Toro. MTV Movies Blog Editor Adam Rosenberg chatted up Struzan about the book and his career in an interview hitting the site soon, and also provided Splash Page readers with an exclusive look at an unused design for "Hellboy."

Drew Struzan - Hellboy

"The Art of Drew Struzan" will be available September 14 from Titan Books.

Hellboy comp © Copyright Drew Struzan / All Right Reserved.

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