Aquaman Returns In 'Smallville' Season 10

AquamanWith a number of superpowered characters already set to return to "Smallville" for the tenth and final season, Arthur “AC” Curry will be coming back upstream as well.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Alan Ritchson will reprise his role as "AC" (aka the future Aquaman) on the ninth episode of the new season of "Smallville." While "AC" may be Ritchson's best known role, he also appears alongside former "Smallville" star Sam Jones III in the Spike TV series "Blue Mountain State."

The last time "AC" appeared back in the eighth season of "Smallville," his secret identity was compromised by LuthorCorp and the nascent Justice League went their separate ways. In addition to Ritchson, other previously confirmed returning characters include James Marsters as Brainiac 5, Michael Shanks as Hawkman and Laura Vandervoort as Kara/Supergirl.

During a recent interview with Voices From Krypton, Vandervoort elaborated upon her return to "Smallville" and her new Supergirl inspired costume.

"It was a little strange, I hadn’t played her for almost two years," said Vandervoort. "I had returned in season eight for an episode, but it was so brief, so it felt a little strange getting back into Kara. But once you get there, it’s not too difficult. I was excited and she’s almost a different character in season 10 than she was in seven or eight – she’s more mature, and she sort of figures out who she is."

"She’s in the red and blue, semi-Supergirl uniform, without the S," continued Vandervoort. "But she does do the brunette wig and glasses, which teaches him that he can have an alternate identity. He can have a face to the red/blue blur, and still be able to walk among the people with another identity. She kind of gives him that idea. I saw the photo — so I guess it is public knowledge that she wears that — but the second part of the reason, the producers told me, about wearing that, was to give him the idea to do it, to have the courage to show his face as the red/blue blur."

Vandervoort added "[Kara] definitely plays a huge role in his becoming Superman."

The final season of "Smallville" kicks off on Friday, September 24.

What are your thoughts on Ritchson's return as Aquaman? Should Kara/Supergirl be the one to inspire Clark to be Superman? Bring down your meteor rocks and let us know what you're thinking in the comment section or on Twitter!