Michael McMillian And Zachary Quinto Tease This Week's 'Lucid' Debut

"Lucid" #1 hits shelves this week, featuring "True Blood" actor Michael McMillian's comic book debut and the first project to come out of the partnership between Archaia Comics and "Star Trek" actor Zachary Quinto's media production company, Before The Door.

When I spoke with McMillian and Quinto during this year's Comic-Con in San Diego, the pair offered a sneak peek at the the first "Lucid" story arc and teased future tales featuring United States Combat Mage Matthew Dee.

"This is a very beginning of what will hopefully be an epic story," McMillian told MTV News. "But even though I say 'beginning,' it really drops you down in the middle of the action."

"The first issue picks up when Matthew Dee, who is a United States Combat Mage, has taken over as protector of the realm," he continued. "He's a figure that's sort of in the tradition of James Bond or Indiana Jones, and we meet him right in the middle of a mission."

And if the first, four-issue arc goes well, McMillian said he already has plans for the next installment of the series.

"I have an origin story planned for later on that will take us before this first series, and I have the next few adventures after this," he said.

"In this first issue, there is a lot of those interestingly placed breadcrumbs," said Quinto of the foundation for the "Lucid" universe established in the first issue. "It opens up 15 years before the story actually kicks off, so you get the sense that there's a backstory and a history that we might gain some insight to later down the line."

"Like Zach said, there are some seeds planted there, where at first they might seem a little odd or confusing, but if you stay with the narrative, we'll fill in some of the blanks for you," promised McMillian.

"Lucid" #1 hits shelves this week.

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