It's Superman/Batman Vs. Lady Gaga/Justin Bieber In This Week's Back-Issue Bin!

Lady GagaAnother week is in the rearview mirror, and the list of top headlines was all over the charts this time around. We had great video game trailers, legal scuffles, exclusive previews, and info on the next big animated feature from the DC/WB crew — so it's safe to say that there was something for everyone the last few days on Splash Page.

Case in point: the two big team-ups generating buzz on the site were Superman/Batman and Lady Gaga/Justin Bieber. Seriously!

Nevertheless, I've assembled a list of the week's Top 10 headlines, counting down to the most popular story of the last seven days here on Splash Page.

10. Mark your calendars, because we posted info on the big-screen premiere of "Superman/Batman: Apocalypse."

9. I pulled images of some of the villains appearing in the cool new "Spider-Man" Shattered Dimensions" trailer.

8. "True Blood" actor Stephen Moyer denied knowing anything about the rumor that he was up for the role of Dr. Doom in the "Fantastic Four" reboot.

7. This week also brought an early peek at Part Two of the Archie/Twilight parody comic!

6. We brought you an exclusive preview of the next Lady Gaga comic from Bluewater: "Fame: Lady Gaga 2."

5. 90210 Day had the comics world tweeting about the Beverly Hills gang... which was a little weird, to be honest.

4. If you're hoping to see "Unbreakable 2" some day, you could get your chance — but not how you might expect.

3. Mark Millar gave us an exclusive preview of "Kick-Ass 2" (the comic) and told us when to expect production on the film to begin!

2. The comics world was buzzing (on Twitter, at least) about the Emmy Awards. We posted a roundup of what some creators and publishers were saying about the show.

And for the week's top story...

1. Bluewater Comics spoke with MTV News regarding the cease-and-desist orders on their unauthorized Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber biography comics.

Pretty amazing, eh? Wait 'til next week!

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