Tom Cruise In 'At The Mountains Of Madness' And Kevin Smith's 'Red State' In Today's Twitter Report

Tom Cruise Mountains of MadnessRumors that Guillermo del Toro may want Tom Cruise to star in his adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's "At the Mountains of Madness" provoked some feedback in the comics community on Twitter yesterday. There are a lot of Lovecraft readers out there making comics, and a few of them have strong opinions about what del Toro should or shouldn't do.

In other news, Kevin Smith's been making progress with the screenplay for his new political horror film "Red State." He's been fielding questions on his account and comparing what his budget looks like next to what he had for "Clerks 2." You can find out what his assessment is, as well as what comics-related site Jim Lee stumbled upon in Egypt and what Jeremy Haun thought of "The Expendables" down below.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is the Twitter Report for September 3, 2010.

"At the Mountains of Madness" pt. 1: @Templesmith @andydiggle I can't wait for it. ( At the Mountains of Madness ) Going to take a stab at DAGON one day, myself.

-Ben Templesmith, Writer/Artist ("30 Days of Night," "Welcome to Hoxford")

"At the Mountains of Madness" pt. 2: @andydiggle People always mention THE THING, but only now does it occur to me how much FORBIDDEN PLANET also owes to AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS.

-Andy Diggle, Writer ("The Losers," "Daredevil")

"At the Mountains of Madness" pt. 3: @D_MacPherson Tom Cruise and madness are synonymous, true. But I REALLY hope this Mountains of Madness rumor is just that: rumor. #lovecraft

-Dwight MacPherson, Writer ("Sidewise," "The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo")

@jimlee00 Home of Karnak of the Inhumans!

-Jim Lee, Artist ("Batman," "X-Men")

@ThatKevinSmith Walked through locations with a few department heads. Even lower budget than we had on CLERKS II, so we can't afford that many departments.

-Kevin Smith, Writer ("Batman: The Widening Gyre," "Green Arrow")

@jerhaun Alright, Expendables was a hell of a good time. Sh-- blew up. Brothers looked out for bothers. Exactly what it intended to be, fun.

-Jeremy Haun, Artist ("Detective Comics," "Berserker")

@dresdencodak Even as a kid I assumed the King of Cartoons was just a homeless man that Pee Wee humored.

-Aaron Diaz, Writer/Artist ("Dresden Codak")

Parting Wisdom for the Day:

@matt_sturges I know things seem tough, but at least you're not being hunted by Terminators. For now.

-Matt Sturges, Writer ("Jack of Fables," "Blue Beetle")

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