'The Walking Dead' Vs. 'Breaking Bad' - Ep. 2 Director Michelle MacLaren Compares The Two Series

Back in July, word hit the wire that an episode of AMC's "The Walking Dead" television series would be directed by frequent "Breaking Bad" director Michelle MacLaren.

While I found out about this a month earlier during my visit to the set of "The Walking Dead" in Atlanta, I wasn't able to break the news at the time — but I was able to get some thoughts from MacLaren about the similarities between the characters and tone of "Breaking Bad" and "The Walking Dead."

"In 'Breaking Bad,' we have a lead character who definitely finds himself in a situation he would never have expected to find himself in normally," MacLaren told MTV News. "His worlds are turned upside down, so in that respect, there are some similarities."

MacLaren was a recent addition to "The Walking Dead" at the time of our June interview, so she had yet to sit down and plan out her approach to the the second episode of the series, set to air a week after the series' 90-minute premiere on October 31. Still, what she was able to say about the "Walking Dead" team's approach to the project should please fans.

"They've created this amazing world . . . but it's very tight and frenetic and active," she said. "But I think there are some similarities, from what I've seen. It seems that Frank [Darabont] has really taken the time and the pace where it's required, which is very much a 'Breaking Bad' style and very much a feature style, which is very true to AMC — and that's why it's such a great network to shoot for."

"The Walking Dead" premieres Halloween night, October 31, at 10 PM EST on AMC.

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