Which Lesser-Known Marvel Character Does Joe Quesada Want To See In A Movie?

With Marvel superteams like X-Men, The Avengers, and The Fantastic Four all finding their way to both television and movie screens lately, it's pretty safe to say everyone's favorite characters have a good chance of receiving the live-action or animated treatment at some point.

With that in mind, I asked Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada which lesser-known character he's hoping to someday bring to the screen in one form or another. Sadly, he didn't say ROM: Spaceknight... but his answer might still surprise you!

"Not necessarily in the television world, but one of the characters I love that I think as a film would be just amazing . . . is Killraven," Quesada told MTV News.

"Maybe if you were feeling adventurous and could make it budgetarily work for television, it could be possible there as well," he added.

Created by Roy Thomas and Neal Adams in a 1973 issue of "Amazing Adventures," Jonathan Raven earned the nickname Killraven as a human gladiator forced to do battle with other humans by the alien race that conquered an alternate Earth.

"Killraven to me, is such a great concept," said Quesada. "You take the idea of Spartacus, except instead of it being Romans, it's Martians. You're on Mars, and it's a new race, and you're a human gladiator on Mars."

"That, to me, is epic," he added. "[It's] the coolest idea imaginable... and probably a $200 million movie."

In the Marvel universe, Killraven's adventures occurred on an alternate version of Earth dubbed "Earth-691," and his adventures unfolded in a timeline that stretched from a Martian invasion in the year 2001 through a final gambit in the year 2020.

"People don't think of Killraven right away as a Marvel character, because he's not necessarily a superhero. He is a hero, though," said Quesada.

"I love ideas that take a classic construct, like Spartacus, and then twist it and add something a little special to it," he explained. "That whole alien world thing is very, very cool."

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