'Green Lantern' Was 'An Enormous Amount of Work,' Says Peter Sarsgaard

Back in January, Peter Sarsgaard was cast in director Martin Campbell's "Green Lantern" as Hector Hammond opposite Ryan Reynold's Hal Jordan. Hammond is one of Green Lantern's oldest foes, who gained his formidable psychic powers — and grotesquely mutated cranium — from exposure to a mysterious meteor.

Although an early look at Hammond's onscreen incarnation was spotted earlier this year, Sarsgaard recently told MTV News that his mutation will gradually progress throughout the film.

"The names for [the head pieces] were all very Jay-Z," stated Sarsgaard. "They were like 2.5, 3.0... all that sort of thing. I do have a piece of one."

"I got kind of addicted to the glue that attaches it," joked Sarsgaard. "I actually just told Mark [Strong] that. He's just starting and I said 'you're going to find yourself missing that smell. That sticky... feeling. That cold brush going up [against your face] in the morning.'"

With a screenplay for "Green Lantern 2" already underway, Warner Brothers and DC are clearly making plans to launch "Green Lantern" as one of their next major film franchises.

When asked if he felt the pressure of such lofty expectations, Sarsgaard replied "I don't know... I've been on vacation. I wrapped this film a couple of weeks ago and it was an enormous amount of work. And I just took my brain out of my head and threw it into the ocean. So, I'm not sure."

Another glimpse of Sarsgaard's Hector Hammond was recently unveiled as one of the "Green Lantern" teaser posters, along with Mark Strong's Sinestro, Blake Lively's Carol Ferris and Ryan Reynold's Hal Jordan.

"Green Lantern" will fly into theaters on June 17, 2011.

What are your expectations for Sarsgaard's Hector Hammond? What other villains would you like to see in "Green Lantern"? Defy the Guardians and let us know what you're thinking in the comment section or on Twitter!