Thomas Jane Would Kill For A Role On 'The Walking Dead' TV Series

Thomas JaneThomas Jane knows exactly how rad AMC’s “The Walking Dead” series is going to be, and he wants a piece.

"That show is going to be a big f---ing hit," he told NBC Washington blog PopcornBiz at HBO’s post-Emmy party. "I've seen it and it is fan-f---ing-tastic."

So far, we’ve only been made privy to the 4.5-minute "The Walking Dead" trailer but we tend to agree.

Former first “Punisher” Jane—already a cult hit among the geek set for his contagious excitement over comic book fare—currently stars in the successful new series “Hung” for HBO. That didn’t keep him from spending much of his Emmy night at dinner with “Dead” director Frank Darabont (who directed Jane in “The Mist”), devising a plan to get on the much-hyped adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s massive hit comic series.

"I'm going to come on and do a guest thing," he told the site. "Maybe play a bad guy."

Fans may remember the pre-production news that Jane was originally supposed to star in “The Walking Dead” when it was planned for HBO. Alas, when it moved to AMC (lucky for us without special cable packages), Tom stayed with HBO and went for ”Hung”.

Talking to MTV News, Darabont later explained his excitement over casting Andrew Lincoln as lead Rick Grimes.

Jane plans to stay alive for any role he may play in “Dead,” evading the zombies’ burden of many hours in a makeup chair.

"I'm not going to be a zombie," he said. "That's too much makeup."

NBC’s blog goes on to give the account that the typically zany Jane went barefoot at the HBO party, perhaps inspired by his potential “Dead” role.

"I'm going to be barefoot on 'The Walking Dead.'"

We don’t have a problem with that at all, Tom.

Do you share Thomas Jane’s excitement over ‘The Walking Dead’? Could you have seen him as Rick Grimes in the series? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!

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