PREVIEW: Archie’s ‘Twilight’ Parody, Part 2!

Earlier this month we brought you an exclusive preview of “Archie & Friends” #146, in which Archie and the Riverdale gang encounter a brooding vampire, a shirt-adverse werewolf, and a host of other characters inspired by the wildly popular “Twilight” franchise.

The first half of Archie Comics’ “Twilight” parody, “Archie & Friends: Twilite” concludes next week with “Archie & Friends” #147 — and we have an exclusive preview of the issue for Splash Page readers. The issue hits comic shop shelves September 8, and promises a “larger-than-life conclusion” to the tale.

Will Veronica choose Archie over Ivan, the handsome, pale-skinned new guy in school who might be a vampire? Is Jughead Team Ivan or Team Archie? All these questions and more will be answered in the pages of “Archie & Friends” #147!

Click on the cover image below for an exclusive preview of “Twilite – Part 2” from Archie Comics.

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