Home Version Of 3-D 'Spider-Man' Won't Require Glasses?

Spider-ManAfter Spider-Man swings back into theaters in 2012 as a 3-D feature, will you still need special glasses to see every detail of his web-slinging adventure on your home entertainment system?

The SuperHeroHype crew recently caught an interesting footnote in an Associated Press article about the race to create a 3-D television that doesn't require users to wear special glasses for the full effect. At the end of the article, it mentions Sony's plans to release "Spider-Man" into the 3-D home entertainment market after its theater run.

"Sony said it will start selling in Japan next month two films and two music videos in 3-D, and planned home software of 3-D theater releases, including a 3-D 'Spider-Man' opening in 2012," reports the article.

With the 3-D side of home entertainment still in its infancy, there's no telling whether the technology or the audience will be ready for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man once he's ready to make the transition from the big screen to your living room. Prices for the required 3-D glasses trend upwards from $100 for a single pair, so it could be a while before the cost of entry into the 3-D world drops low enough for the public at large to embrace it.

However, that doesn't mean we haven't done our fair share of speculation about what we could see when Peter Parker does suit up. Back in February, we gave you a list of the Five Things We Want To See In A 3-D "Spider-Man."

From what the article states, it looks like our best bet is to keep an eye on Japan for early word on whether Spider-Man's debut in the the 3-D home entertainment will require a big ol' pair of glasses to catch all the action.

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