Karl Urban Praises 'Judge Dredd' Comic & Creators, Distances New Movie From 1995 Film

While Karl Urban has since been confirmed to play Judge Dredd in a new, big-screen reboot of the popular British comic book character, the "Star Trek" actor offered every indication to MTV News during this year's Comic-Con that things were "looking good" for him to bring Mega-City One's most popular judge, jury, and executioner to life.

When MTV News spoke with Urban, he heaped praise upon the project — specifically citing the involvement of Dredd co-creator John Wagner and celebrated UK artist Jock, illustrator of many Dredd stories and key player in developing the visual elements of the character's return to the big screen.

"I can say that the producers of this film are going to make a very gritty, hardcore, faithful adaptation of the comic," said Urban. "Mr. Wagner, who created the character, and Jock, one of the key artists, have been on board as collaborators right from the beginning."

"It is no way related to any previous film versions," he added, distancing the film from 1995's critically panned "Judge Dredd" movie starring Sylvester Stallone.

"I'm thrilled to bits about this opportunity," said Urban. "I've been reading 'Dredd' in one form or another for 25 years, so to be given the opportunity to portray such an enigmatic, iconic comic book character is one that I'm absolutely elated about."

"Judge Dredd" is expected to begin filming soon and hit theaters in 2012.

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