'Thor' Q&A: Natalie Portman In Sweatpants And Kat Dennings' 'Scream'-Inspired Sequel

When "Thor" storms into theaters next summer, all eyes are going to be on Chris Hemsworth, the Australian actor starring as the humbled God of Thunder in the Marvel Studios films. But don't neglect Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings, two of the film's leading ladies — just because they're playing the considerably more grounded Jane Foster and Darcy doesn't mean they're not having fun.

"It was a fun opportunity to get to do this character, because I think she's an unusual female character for one of these movies," Portman told MTV News last month at Comic-Con in San Diego. "I'm in sweatpants for half of the movie, so I'm not in some crazy, sexy garb!"

Dennings supported her co-star by calling Portman "the most beautiful girl in sweatpants you've ever seen," but Portman maintained her status as a "frazzled, kind of messy scientist."

"I think hopefully it's a different kind of character to add to the genre," she said.

With any luck, "Thor" won't be the last time that fans get to see Portman and Dennings in the Marvel movies, as both actresses are contracted for further installments of the "Thor" series.

"I'm supposed to be in the next 'Thor' if they make more, but I don't know about that," said Portman. "I think all of us are signed up for the rest of the 'Thor' series, but we could have one line in the next one, or nothing."

Dennings has a few ideas for how a "Thor" sequel could go: "Darcy dies in the first scene, like in 'Scream.' Jane Foster goes insane and puts her head in a blender!"

Laughing at the suggestion, Portman encouraged Dennings: "I think you should write the next one."

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