Why Post-Apocalyptic 'Priest' Won't Be Your Regular Vampire Story

Admittedly, I was late to the game in picking up Hyung Min-Woo's "Priest," but ever since I cracked open the first volume, I've been eager to see what director Scott Stewart has planned for his upcoming live-action film based on the popular manhwa series.

When MTV News had a chance to sit down with Stewart and "Priest" star Paul Bettany during Comic-Con, the pair explained why the post-apocalyptic story isn't your average vampire tale — and why the title character might not be the hero mainstream audiences are expecting.

"The priests of our story are like Jedi knights," Stewart told MTV News. "They have these supernatural abilities to fight vampires and they saved humanity before the movie even begins. Now, a generation later, society has moved on from war, and the priests are like pariahs. They're almost like Vietnam vets — they've been cast aside by society and they're now reviled and feared."

Stewart also offered up a quick synopsis of the film and how the title character gets drawn back into the war he thought he'd left behind him.

"A member of his family is kidnapped by a rogue band of vampires, and he needs to go against the government and his training and his vows to find her," he said. "It's a really different kind of story. It's set in this big apocalyptic landscape that is entirely futuristic."

Bettany also provided some thoughts on what drew him to the role.

"What i found appealing was the idea of this man who makes a decision to go off and be trained and go to war, and because of everything he learns he renders himself unfit for any sort of normal life, and is expected to integrate himself back into normal society, which he finds very difficult," said teh actor. "And then this opportunity arises for him to do what he is best at. It's hard if you're really good at something — and that happens to be murder — it's hard not to want to practice it."

"Priest" is scheduled to hit theaters in May 2011.

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