Full Frank Miller Gucci Ad Hits The 'Net!

Gucci GuiltyLast week, I pointed you to a teaser for Gucci's upcoming ad for their new "Guilty" fragrance. Just in case you missed it and you're wondering why I'd be interested in Gucci and/or their fragrances, here's the kicker: the ad is directed by Frank Miller and features "Captain America" star Chris Evans and "True Blood" actress Evan Rachel Wood.

Even though the ad gets its broadcast premiere during MTV's 2010 Video Music Awards on September 12, the full video appears to be online now. And while it doesn't offer much more in the way of story, it does offer more of Miller's iconic, noir-tinged, black-and-white visuals with well-placed splashes of color.

Oh, and it also features both Evans and Wood in various stages of undress and, well... passionate activity.

You can find out more about the ad — and the fragrance — at Gucci's official "Guilty" page on Facebook.

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