Attention Artists: Stan Lee Wants You... To Create The Stan Lee Foundation Logo

Stan LeeGrowing up with Stan Lee's "Stan's Soapbox" columns, I always dreamed of doing work for Stan "The Man" when I grew up. Sadly, my lack of any artistic skills whatsoever put a bit of a crimp in that plan — but if you're an aspiring artist, you can still live that dream.

The Stan Lee Foundation is looking for an artist to create the new nonprofit organization's logo, and it's holding an open call for willing designers.

In a new video posted on the Pow Entertainment website, Lee addresses his "brave brigadiers" and explains both the organization's purpose and the open call for a new logo artist. Over on the Foundation's official website, there's more information about the organization, as well as a bunch of videos explaining the importance of comics in literacy efforts, as well as a 1977 gem of an interview with Lee.

The "Marvel Age," indeed. That is some vintage Stan Lee right there, folks.

Me, I'm just happy to get the occasional call that begins with Stan saying, "Greetings, Mr. Marshall!" It's not exactly how I expected things to go, but it's pretty darn awesome all the same.

Head over to Pow Entertainment for more on how you could become the Stan Lee Foundation's logo artist.

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