'Green Lantern' Comics Weren't Much Help Playing Hector Hammond, Says Peter Sarsgaard

Peter Sarsgaard "never expected to be doing" much of what he was tasked with for "Green Lantern," but that didn't stop him from going ahead and learning how to play villain Hector Hammond. The actor even went the extra mile and dug through some old "Green Lantern" comics.

However, he just didn't think they offered insights into the character that were as helpful as the details found in his script.

"I got [comics] from this guy around the corner from me in Brooklyn, who has a store," Sarsgaard told MTV News. As far as how much much importance he attached to what he found there, he didn't sound overly enthused. "A little bit." he admitted.

When it came down to it, Sarsgaard downplayed the importance of any background research he did in the comics and emphasized that he believes actors should focus on what's written in their screenplays.

"Honestly, the most helpful thing is to look to the script, because you know, it's true of anything, I mean, any kind of research for any movie — you're playing a pianist, well you could go and learn the piano, or you could just work on the script," he explained. "Because you're not really going to be playing the piano anyway."

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