Warren Ellis Updates 'Gravel' Movie Status, Says 'Global Frequency' TV Series Isn't Happening

Warren EllisDuring this year's Comic-Con in San Diego, I had the chance to sit down with "Red" creators Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner to discuss the upcoming film based on their comic book series, as well as various other projects each creator has in the works. Among those projects is "Gravel," the upcoming film based on Ellis' comic with artist Mike Wolfer, published by Avatar Press.

Announced back in October, the "Gravel" movie will get a first draft of its screenplay by Ellis himself, who will also serve as executive producer on the film for "Superman Returns" studio Legendary Pictures. The celebrated writer offered MTV News a brief update on the status of the film, as well as that of "Global Frequency," a television series based on one of his popular comics.

"I'm halfway through ['Gravel'] right now," Ellis told MTV News of the film's script. "I'm actually writing a new William Gravel story. It's a horror-action thing in the whole combat-magician mode of those books."

While Ellis' considerable talents have earned him quite a bit of attention from Hollywood lately, his role in "Gravel" is noticeably different from that of other projects with his name attached. Along with providing the script for the film, he's taking an active role in development as the executive producer.

"It's at their invitation," he said. "It's very much them wanting me to have a seat the table and work with them because they want it to be like the books, which is nice."

Still, while "Gravel" is moving forward, Ellis revealed that plans for a television series based on "Global Frequency" have stalled once again.

The 2002 series about a global network of 1,001 people with specialized skills who can be called upon in times of crisis was originally picked up for adaptation five years ago, but never got beyond the initial pilot episode. Late last year, it looked like a "Global Frequency" TV series was back on the table again with The CW and writer Scott Nimerfro.

When asked if things were still moving along with the project, Ellis said, "Not any more, no."

"It went up and then it came down," he said.

However, with "Global Frequency" still a big favorite among fans of Ellis and comics fans in general, there's a good chance we haven't heard the last of this project.

(Photo courtesy of Zoetica Ebb)

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