TWITTER REPORT: Mike Wieringo And Mark Gruenwald, 'Scott Pilgrim' Plans, And Ewok Hate

Scott PilgrimAugust 12 is a somber day in comics. Tom Brevoort pointed out today that it's not just because Mike Wieringo and Mark Gruenwald died on that particular date, but because two talents in the industry passed away in their 40s long before anyone would have expected them to. Both figures showed up in thoughts around the comics Twittersphere this morning as their accomplishments were remembered.

If you've been following Mark Webber's tweets, you may know that if you catch "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" at a specific theater this weekend, you could end up seeing some audience participation with the film's music. He explains his ambition in a post below. There, you'll also find out who hates Ewoks and who thinks Donald Draper looks like Mike Allred.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is the Twitter Report for August 12, 2010.

@skottieyoung It's been 3 years today since great friend & artist Mike Wieringo passed. Visit his blog today. We miss you Mike.

-Skottie Young, Artist ("New X-Men," "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz")

@ronmarz Ringo was actually supposed to draw part of a "jam job" Namor Annual I did with the guys at Gaijin Studios.

-Ron Marz, Writer ("Green Lantern," "Witchblade")

@Oeming Playing the drinking game while watching Mad Men. So fun. Can't help but think how much Draper looks like Mike Allred

-Mike Oeming, Writer/Artist ("Powers," "The Mice Templar")

@TomBrevoort And the person for whom G-Day was named, Mark Gruenwald, writer and former Marvel Executive Editor, gone now fourteen years.

-Tom Brevoort, Editor ("New Avengers," "Civil War")

@eliopoulos I remember exactly where I was 14 years ago today. I remember the phone call and the confusion and real depression.

-Chris Eliopoulos, Artist/Writer/Letterer ("Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers," "Misery Loves Sherman")

@DanSlott Know what helps with Thor dialogue? Knowing that it'll be in that funky Vikingish font. That'll TOTALLY make it sound Thor-like. :)

-Dan Slott, Writer ("Avengers: The Initiative," "The Amazing Spider-Man")

@BrianLynch Lady Gaga called me her little monster! Had no idea she was a Fred Savage fan, sweeet. #gaga

-Brian Lynch, Writer ("Angel: After the Fall," "Monkey Man Unleashed")

@robertliefeld I freaking hated the Ewoks from beginning to end. and having a second Death Star was lame! But don't mind the prequels.

-Rob Liefeld, Writer/Artist ("X-Force," "Youngblood")

@likemark I'm gonna go to the Arclight in Hollywood and scream along with all the Sex Bob-omb songs from the back row of the theater. #mysaturday

-Mark Webber, Actor ("Scott Pilgrim vs. The World")

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