SECRET IDENTITY: Casting Marvel's 'Runaways' Movie!

Despite some teases, Marvel Studios is keeping their post-"Avengers" plans fairly close to the vest, with one notable exception: a planned adaptation of "Runaways," based on Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona's popular comic book series.

"Runaways" focuses on six youngsters who learn that their parents are all members of a legion of super-villains known as The Pride, resulting in our heroes' quest to bring their folks to justice. It's an endlessly entertaining ride filled with comedy, action and heartbreak aplenty, necessitating a top notch cast of young actors to fill out the main "Runaways" roles.

Casting such an adaptation is no easy feat, but we're going to give it our best shot — after the jump, see our picks for the "Runaways" cast!

Allie Grant as Gertrude Yorkes

Already rumored for the role, the young "Weeds" actress is a perfect fit for the physically awkward but tremendously outspoken Gert. Frankly, I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want to pay the price of admission to see Allie Grant with a telepathic raptor at her command — that's absolute cinematic gold in the making!

Brie Larson as Karolina Dean

Currently starring in "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" as bad girl Envy Adams, Brie Larson has an undeniable charm to her that would work beautifully with the sweet, free-spirited Karolina. She's already used to dealing with parental issues on "United States of Tara," and her physical resemblance to Karolina makes the casting call even easier.

Donald Glover as Alex Wilder

Although he's rapidly approaching his 30s, the "Community" star and former "Spider-Man" hopeful had little trouble tapping into a high school aged character in the criminally underrated "Mystery Team." Typically known as a comedian, Donald Glover's casting as Alex would be an excellent opportunity to show his range as an actor, particularly considering some of the character's bleaker moments.

Ellen Wong as Nico Minoru

A relative unknown, Ellen Wong proved herself worthy of the introverted Nico thanks to her portrayal of Knives Chou in "Scott Pilgrim." Both characters follow similar arcs — reluctant and uncomfortable in their own skin at first, eventually turning into confident, badass young women in their own right. "Runaways" plays it a bit straighter than "Pilgrim," so it would be nice to see Wong tackle a more grounded role like Nico. And yes, I recognize that describing a character who releases a magical staff from her chest as grounded is a bit ridiculous, but hey — that's how crazy "Scott Pilgrim" is!

Hunter Parrish as Chase Stein

Always headstrong, frequently dimwitted but typically well-intentioned, Chase is an incredibly complicated, layered character in need of a young up-and-coming leading man such as Hunter Parrish. The "Weeds" star fields comedy and tragedy equally well, something that's all too important for someone with Chase's cocky attitude and emotional baggage.

Honorable Mention: Molly Hayes

The youngest member of the "Runaways" crew, Molly is a scene-stealing character that's best suited for an unknown actress — someone who has the charisma of, say, Chloe Moretz. With hilarious one-liners and an amazing code name, the aptly named Princess Powerful is a breakout role waiting to happen.

Who would you like to see in the "Runaways" cast? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!

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