'The Walking Dead' Composer Bear McCreary Promises 'Kick-Ass Music' For TV Series

When MTV hit up the Hollywood premiere of "Step-Up 3-D" last week, the last person we thought we’d run into was beloved “Battlestar Galactica” composer Bear McCreary. Talk about pleasant surprises! McCreary penned the music for the dance flick, which has several big, tribal-y drum numbers (A McCreary specialty! See: “Fight Night”) and even better, McCreary talked about his next project: scoring “The Walking Dead” for Frank Darabont and AMC.

"I’m doing a new series, ‘The Walking Dead’ with Frank Darabont,” said McCreary. (Never mind the shaky mic/squealing in the video, I may or may not have started jumping up and down at this bit of news). “I’ve been working on that today. It’s a lot of fun.”

"I’ve seen the first three episodes," he continued. "It’s outstanding. It’s everything you’d expect from Frank Darabont and Gale Anne Hurd and Robert Kirkman, and I’m going to writes some kick-ass music.”

If there's anyone we trust to handle the material correctly, it's McCreary. And on top of his established genre TV and film credentials, the composer is very familiar with the source material.

“I’m a huge fan of the comic, so I already have these melodies in my mind,” McCreary said of his inspiration. “When you’re working with Frank Darabont and a director like John Chu ('Step-Up 3-D') these are visionary directors and it’s so easy to come up with music when the material they’re providing you is so beautiful and well shot and well thought-out. It’s a wonderful experience as a composer to be able to work with filmmakers on this level."

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