EXCLUSIVE: 'Star Wars: Legacy' Series To Continue In 'Star Wars: Legacy - War'

Star Wars: Legacy—WarThis month, Dark Horse ends its "Star Wars: Legacy" line of comics. Far and away my favorite of the "Star Wars" comics (I'm an avid reader of all things "Star Wars"), "Legacy" is set in the far-flung future of the series and follows the exploits of Cade Skywalker, a descendant of Luke Skywalker, as he and his friends face off against a reborn order of the Sith, led by the evil Darth Krayt.

However, "Star Wars" fans shouldn't feel too sad about the end of "Legacy," because we haven't seen the last of Cade and his supporting cast — not by a longshot.

MTV is pleased to exclusively announce that the great work done by John Ostrander and Jan Duursema in developing these characters will continue in the six-issue miniseries "Star Wars: Legacy—War."

In addition to giving you the first look at the cover of "Star Wars: Legacy—War" #1, we also spoke with Ostrander and Duursema to find out what to expect from "War." Want to know which characters we'll be seeing? Who the Big Bad will be? Which familiar favorite from the classic series will be turning up?

MTV NEWS: Will Legacy War introduce any significant new villains into the continuity? Any major new characters in general?

JOHN OSTRANDER: It depends on what you define as “new”. Certainly, Darth Krayt isn’t “new,” but he’s been sort of dead for a while and now he’s back. “With a vengeance” was created for his role. This story is much more about resolving situations with the existing characters which we do—with a vengeance.

JAN DUURSEMA: John and I briefly thought about adding a new villain or two when plotting "Legacy—War" and quickly decided we didn't need a new villain when the baddest Sith around has defied death and has come back to haunt not only the good guys, but the bad guys as well. An angry Krayt, revitalized and 'reborn' has had a new vision of how to remake the Galaxy and balance the Force—a vision that spares no one. Hate hasn't burned this bright in a Sith in a long time.

But Krayt is not the only one who is vengeful and willing to sacrifice all to attain his goal. Others sense this war is an all or nothing proposition and we will see just what they are willing to sacrifice.. A terrible choice will have to be made by those who oppose Krayt—one that blurs the line between good and evil.

MTV: Do you view "Legacy—War" as the next step in an ongoing storyline? In other words, will this function as a new, lengthy arc that leads to another one, or will "Legacy—War" cap off the story of Cade Skywalker and his friends?

OSTRANDER: "Legacy—War" stands alone. I’m making no guarantees that anyone will survive the end of it. That’s usually hype, but readers should take that very very seriously. Could there be a successor? Depends on sales, response, and Dark Horse's plans. However, Jan and I are taking all the stops out in this story. There are no plans for anything "Legacy" after this. That’s how we’re creating it.

DUURSEMA: I wish I could say this was the beginning of a series of new "Legacy" stories because I can think of a thousand more stories I would like to tell, but we've plotted "Legacy—War" to be the end of the series. Destruction is the order of the day and it is entirely possible that few will survive. Those who do will be forever changed.

MTV: Will we continue seeing nods that help fill in the blanks in the "Star Wars" timeline between the most recent novels and the start of Legacy? One example being the revelation of Roan Fel as Emperor, and a Jedi no less, which at least suggests that Jagged Fel and Jaina Solo eventually settle down to build a family in the Empire.

OSTRANDER: Those happen organically – within the story as the story demands. We’re bringing "Legacy" to a climax and that’s our main focus. The nods or “easter eggs” will or won’t happen as the story demands.

DUURSEMA: I can think of at least one nod to one of the Fel's bloodlines in this series that will generate some interesting rumors. We've never actually stated that Jagged and Jaina are the definitive progenitors of the Imperial Fel's—though that is a fair possibility...

MTV: Can you offer a tease as to some new directions this arc might go in?

OSTRANDER: There are alliances and betrayals on all sides. Krayt, because of his experiences, has a new vision of the galaxy – or of how to accomplish his overall goal -- that is frightening. Cade also has a vision of a final shattering conflict that could leave him dead – or inalterably changed. He won’t be the only one tempted by the dark side. Characters all over the story will have to make final, possibly fatal, decisions. The status quo at the beginning will NOT be the status quo at the end. I’m not promising a happy ending for anyone here.

DUURSEMA: The first issue throws us right into the thick of things. Be ready for a major Sith battle in issue one. Major.

Cade Skywalker is more sober, focused and driven. The party is over. There is no more running and hiding. Destiny has bit him with sharp pointy teeth. Like Krayt, he has had a Force-fueled vision and it is pulling at him to make some hard decisions that put his own life in the balance. Did I mention that there will be strange alliances and terrible choices to be made by those who wear the Emperor's crimson armor?

MTV: Will we see any additional direct connections made between different "Star Wars" storylines, a la the Vector arc?

OSTRANDER: Well, we have a lot of connections already, such as using the Yuuzhan Vong from New Jedi Order, using Jedi such as Krayt (A’Sharad Hett), T’ra Saa, and K’Kruhk from the Clone Wars era. Again, it depends on what the story needs/requires/can make best use of.

DUURSEMA: The Vector arc was unique in that the overall story crossed titles on it's way to the future. There won't be any of that kind of crossover in "Legacy—War." What happened in Vector did affect many of the characters in Legacy and some of those echoes may be felt. With "Legacy," we are constantly drawing from anything that happened in the "Star Wars" past. Some of the longer lived characters like T'ra Saa, K'Kruhk and Krayt himself still feel echoes from the Clone Wars in this new war they are fighting.

MTV: Which character(s) are you most looking forward to further developing? Who do you see as having the most interesting arc for die-hard fans to keep a close eye on?

OSTRANDER: There’s so many characters I love playing with in "Legacy." Cade has so many layers and the rest of the Mynock crew – Deliah Blue and Jariah Syn – are so cool. Cade’s uncle, Bantha Rawk, is a favorite of mine and his arc is very important to the story. Of course, Nyna Calixte has been one the most complex and interesting characters in the whole series and the reader will definitely want to watch what she does (and what happens to her). Roan Fel and the Imperial Knights have been very important and popular characters since "Legacy" began. Roan and Company have a big part to play in the story. Anyone who has read the series knows how much I like writing Gar Stazi and Galactic Remnant so rest assured they get their due. The Jedi and the Hidden Temple have a major major part to play in this story.

All that said, we’re also doing our best to make this arc accessible even to new readers. Everything you like about Star Wars – Jedi, Sith, lightsaber battles, space battles, heroes, rogues, villains, pretty women, aliens, the Force, and even Artoo Detoo—is here in "Legacy." with a vengeance. Lots of action, lots of twists, lots of great characters. This is not just great Star Wars comics, these are great comics.

DUURSEMA: All of them! "Legacy" is just chock full of characters I love to draw and have been so much fun to develop. The re-designing of Darth Krayt has been an interesting challenge both story wise and visually. I went through a bunch of different looks for him, but the one that appealed to me the most was a Krayt who was Yuuzhan Vong parasite free and again in control of his own body—Darth Krayt as a Sith—now at the peak of his power and willing to set the Galaxy to rights as the Force guides him. He no longer needs a loyal retainer to keep him safe and that does not bode well for Darth Wyyrlok. Major fight.

Cade has gone through some interesting development by the end of issue 50 and the repercussions of that are seen in "Legacy—War." Emperor Roan Fel has a significant arc in this—as does Imperial Knight Master Antares Draco. Bantha Rawk (Cade's uncle Nat Skywalker) makes a difficult decision about his life and destiny as well.

"Star Wars: Legacy" #50 hits shelves August 18, with "Star Wars: Legacy—War" #1 arriving December 15. Dark Horse Comics will be in attendance at "Star Wars" Celebration V next week. They have some cool stuff planned, so click that link to make sure it's on your schedule!

Check out the official solicit text and exclusive cover for "Star Wars: Legacy—War" #1 below:

Star Wars: Legacy—War

Star Wars: Legacy—War

Writer: John Ostrander

Artist: Jan Duursema

Inker: Dan Parsons

Colorist: Brad Anderson

Cover by Jan Duursema

On sale: December 15, 2010

Price: $3.50

You can’t keep a bad Sith down!

Darth Krayt has returned from the “dead,” stronger, more evil, and more determined than ever to crush the galaxy under his heel. With Emperor Roan Fel’s Imperials, the Galactic Alliance, the Jedi, and even some of his own Sith followers arrayed against him, Krayt would seem overmatched—but his enemies have not reckoned with the power of the dark side!

If Cade Skywalker was ever going to run from his legacy, now would be the time!

Looking forward to "Legacy—War"? What are you hoping to see in the series? Let us know what you think of the new series and cover in the comment section or on Twitter!