TWITTER REPORT: Prop 8 Overturned, Dave Gibbons' New Comedian, And CIA Website Surprises

Watchmen ComedianYesterday's news that a federal judge overturned California's Marriage Protection Act, popularly known as Prop 8, trended on Twitter accounts. Ron Marz was happy about it, and R. Stevens seemed pleased, but he still likes Iowa better than California.

Jimmy Palmiotti responded to an image "Watchmen" artist Dave Gibbons sent him earlier this week, which more or less proves that Palmiotti looks the part, should The Comedian ever need to be cast for a movie again. Find out if you agree after the jump where you'll also see who's working on a new Transformers book and what Fred Van Lente noticed about the CIA's website.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this mixtape of retweets is your Twitter Report for August 5, 2010.

Prop 8 pt. 1: @ronmarz Hope all these "get gov't out of my life!" conservatives are happy now that Calif. gov't no longer tells people who they can/can't marry.

-Ron Marz, Writer ("Green Lantern," "Witchblade")

Prop 8 pt. 2: @rstevens Of course Iowa trumps both CA and MA for having gay marriage *and* free wi-fi in interstate rest stops.

-R. Stevens, Writer/Artist ("Diesel Sweeties," "LOLbots")

Prop 8 pt. 3: @scottmccloud @rstevens Wait, they can only get married in rest stops?

-Scott McCloud, Writer/Artist ("Zot!," "Understanding Comics")

@SteveNiles LOUIE is my new favorite show and LIMBO is my new favorite game...God I must be horribly depressed.

-Steve Niles, Writer ("30 Days of Night," "Criminal Macabre")

Comedian pt. 1: @davegibbons90 Jimmy Palmiotti IS The Comedian 2!

-Dave Gibbons, Artist ("Watchmen," "Green Lantern")

Comedian pt. 2: @jpalmiotti @davegibbons90 nice shot of me as the comedian. lol...will have to send you the halloween pics.

-Jimmy Palmiotti, Writer ("Jonah Hex," "Painkiller Jane")

@alexirvine Because you asked: talking to Hasbro tomorrow about directions for the next #transformers book.

-Alex Irvine, Writer ("Hellstorm: Son of Satan," "Daredevil Noir")

Parting Wisdom for the Day:

@fredvanlente " is now encrypted," says the CIA's web site. I say, "You just thought of this NOW?!?"

-Fred Van Lente, Writer ("Action Philosophers," "Marvel Zombies")

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