'Thor' Star Chris Hemsworth Is 'Beautiful' As God Of Thunder, Says Former Co-Star

With all the manly talk surrounding “Thor” star Chris Hemsworth, there's enough testosterone in the collective conversation to fuel the spontaneous growth of a few new chest hairs.

All this is well and good of course, but Hemsworth’s “Home and Away” co-star/fellow Aussie Sharni Vinson recently took a moment to express a little girlish enthusiasm for the lesser-discussed 'Thor' conversation topics — namely Hemsworth himself and her reaction to him being cast as the God of Thunder.

"Are you kidding me? I saw the trailer the other day, Chris Hemsworth is doing our country so proud right now," Vinson told MTV at the premiere of her film, "Step-Up 3D." "He’s doing me so proud right now, he’s doing 'Home and Away,' so proud, and he couldn’t look or be any more fabulous. I love that guy."

And why is Hemsworth perfectly cast in the role?

“Look at him. Have you seen that man? He’s beautiful," Vinson stated bluntly.

"And he’s just such a great guy to work with, he’s so professional and he’s such a good actor and he’s so committed," she added. "He’s going to give that role his soul and that will all come across.”

Any other ladies have an opinion on Hemsworth as Thor? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!

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