Who Is Kat Dennings' 'Thor' Character? Natalie Portman and Kat Explain...

A lot of people passed through Splash Page HQ during this year's Comic-Con, but one of the most fun interviews I conducted during the show was with "Thor" actresses Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings.

We talked, we sang (that video's coming later, I promise), they complimented my shoes... and early on in our conversation, Dennings offered up some thoughts on Darcy, her character in the film. While Portman's character, Jane Foster, is a known commodity to comic fans, Darcy is a new creation for the movie universe. Here's how Dennings described her character:

"Darcy is kind of Jane Foster's gnome helper," laughed Dennings.

"... Except in the form of a beautiful woman," interrupted Portman. "If a gnome was a beautiful woman."

Getting a bit more serious about the role, the pair offered a bit more insight into the new character that will partner with Thor's leading lady, Jane Foster.

"She kind of evolved into Jane's little sister-y partner in crime who doesn't know anything about anything," added Dennings.

"I think it might be what Jane was like before she found her path, and she has a great future ahead of her as a big scientist," said Portman.

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