Zachary Levi On 'Superman' Rumors, Wants To Play The Flash

Zachary LeviLast fall, "Chuck" star Zachary Levi lost his chance to play Fandral in "Thor" due to his TV series receiving an order for additional episodes.

And while some April Fool's Day rumors linked Levi to the Flash, more recent rumors had him as a potential star of Christopher Nolan's "Superman" reboot.

"It's complete fiction," Levi told IGN when asked about the latest "Superman" rumors. "A bummer that it's complete fiction! I start getting these text messages from my friends, saying, 'What is going on? You didn't tell us any of this!' And I'm asking, 'What are you talking about?' I get this link emailed to me from my publicist. She goes, 'Just so you know…' I go check it out, and of course, on the bottom of that article there's all these comments, and every other article that spawned off of that and all the comments on those sites."

"The vast majority [of the comments] are like 'He couldn't be Superman!' And I'm like, 'All right! I get it!'" continued Levi.

"I guess one of the things that I fear is that people pigeonhole me in the nerd role," added Levi. "Because a lot them say, 'Well, I can see him as Clark Kent, but I can't see me as [Superman]... I'm an actor! Just give me six months and a gym. Give me something! I guess one of the upsides is that people are going, 'I can believe him as Wally West. Make him The Flash! I can believe that!' Which would be amazing."

Levi also lamented the constant rumors linking him to superhero roles which haven't borne fruit yet.

"There was an April's Fool rumor going around that that happened," said Levi. "I'm like, enough with the rumors already. Just let me be a superhero someday. I'd love to! I'm such a nerd about that stuff. When 'Green Lantern' came around, when every single one [of these movies] comes around, I'm always calling my agent, going, 'What's going on with this!?' And then closest I ever got was being cast in 'Thor' and then that didn't work out."

"It's in God's hands," continued Levi. "Whatever happens, happens!"

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