TWITTER REPORT: Bill Cosby Alive, R.I.P. Tom Mankiewicz, And More Gaiman/McFarlane Discussion

Dark Ages SpawnErik Larsen weighed in yesterday on Neil Gaiman's recent court dealings with Todd McFarlane over disputed character rights related to "Spawn," and both Gaiman and McFarlane have since posted their own opinions on the matter, prompting another response from Larsen.

Meanwhile, Twitter was fluttering with Bill Cosby death rumors yesterday. Mike Benson expressed relief when those subsided, though the comics and entertainment industry in general mourned the loss of Superman and James Bond screenwriter Tom Mankiewicz. Geoff Johns in particular noted his passing. Find out what he said after the jump where you'll also see a "Lone Wolf and Cub" casting pick from Chris Weston.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is the Twitter Report for August 3, 2010.

@GeoffJohns0 R.I.P. Tom Mankiewicz :( He helped make Superman fly.

-Geoff Johns, Writer ("Blackest Night," "The Flash")

@westonfront I want an all new "Lone Wolf and Cub" movie starring Ken Watanabe and I want it now.

-Chris Weston, Artist ("The Authority," "The Filth")

@fredvanlente Reading MEIN KAMPF for 1st time (research WW2 stuff) and can report that in addition to his many other faults, Hitler was a shitty writer.

-Fred Van Lente, Writer ("Action Philosophers," "Marvel Zombies")

Gaiman/McFarlane pt. 1: @neilhimself Of course @erikjlarsen is grumpy over me winning again. He ran Image when the 1st round of the case gave me a $40,000 judgment against them.

-Neil Gaiman, Writer ("The Sandman," "Miracleman")

Gaiman/McFarlane pt. 2: @Todd_McFarlane COMMENT: Neil Gaiman has the absolute right to defend his position. That's one of the great privileges we all have in this country. TODD

-Todd McFarlane, Writer/Artist ("Spawn," "The Amazing Spider-Man")

Gaiman/McFarlane pt. 3: @neilhimself @richjohnston Read up on what Image fought for on the case, what their lawyers said, and why they lost. It was pretty disgraceful.

Gaiman/McFarlane pt. 4: @ErikJLarsen @neilhimself what did *I* ever do to you? Seriously. What was it that *I* personally did to you which would warrant such a thing?

-Erik Larsen, Writer/Artist ("Savage Dragon," "The Amazing Spider-Man")

@MPBenson Happy to learn that the Cos or Mr. C, Bill Cosby is alive and well.

-Mike Benson, Writer ("Moon Knight," "Deadpool: Suicide Kings")

Parting Wisdom for the Day:

@robertliefeld Little known fact is that Deadpool writer @MPBenson produced and wrote several seasons of HBO's ENTOURAGE! Great stuff!

-Rob Liefeld, Writer/Artist ("X-Force," "Youngblood")

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