'The Goon' Movie Will Remain Faithful To Source Material, But Won't Adhere Too Closely

With filmmaker David Fincher producing, comic book creator Eric Powell intimately involved, Paul Giamatti voicing Franky and Clancy Brown occupying the title role, there's very little doubt that Blur Studios' developing adaptation of "The Goon" is going to remain faithful to the material seen in the celebrated Dark Horse Comics series.

Even looking past the talent involved, all a fan needs to do is watch the two-and-a-half minute "Goon" footage that Fincher, Powell and Blur Studios presented to Comic-Con audiences last week to know that a faithful adaptation is on the way.

But don't expect "The Goon" to be a literal translation, either. According to the film's creative team, there are some elements from the comic book series that simply won't make the leap to film.

"Obviously we couldn't do a literal translation like a 'Sin City' style panel for panel thing, because the book is so episodic," Powell told MTV News at Comic-Con. "We kind of condensed it. We took the good parts and made a story that works in the film format. But there's no specific volume that it adapts."

That said, the ability to diverge from the "Goon" comics — with Powell's blessing, of course — affords the creative team a bit more leeway in exploring other elements, including the Goon's origin story.

"The books came out in a non-linear way in terms of 'The Goon's' overall story," said Tim Miller, who is co-directing the film alongside Jeff Fowler, both of them of Blur Studios. "We didn't get to the origin of the Goon until six years into the series. Obviously, for movie audiences, it's not a great idea to play it out that way."

Do you want to see a literal panel-for-panel adaptation of "The Goon," or do you appreciate the team's creative approach? You tell us in the comments section and on Twitter!