'Captain America' Star Chris Evans Is Researching As Many Origin Stories As Possible

Created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby in 1941, Steve Rogers brings a considerable amount of published history to the table as Captain America. With well over 600 issues of the star-spangled superhero's adventures published in print, there's no question that the cast and crew of "The First Avenger: Captain America" are aware of the character's rich history.

If nothing else, it's a history that leading man Chris Evans has found extraordinarily useful in approaching the role of Steve Rogers, the scrawny youth turned super-soldier at the center of director Joe Johnston's currently shooting Marvel Comics adaptation.

"Absolutely," Evans told MTV News when asked if he's researched "Captain America" through the comics. "The comic books have been fantastic."

Although recent issues of "Captain America" have mainly dealt with Steve's background through flashbacks — indeed, much of the current run is devoted to Bucky, Steve's successor as the new Captain America — Evans has gotten the most mileage out of looking at the character's origin stories.

"Personally, when I was going through the comic books, the ones that were the most intriguing were the origin stories," said Evans. "I just kind of wanted to get as many different takes on how this guy started out, because that's the story we're telling. I just wanted to know who he was prior to this happening to him. I think if that character is someone that the audience can relate to, we win."

Which of Captain America's many comic book appearances would you recommend to Evans for research purposes? Give your suggestions in the comments section and on Twitter!

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