Chris Hemsworth Says 'Thor' Keeps A Balance Between Identities And Settings

San Diego Comic-Con premiered details about Kenneth Branagh's "Thor," from video clips to his hammer and Odin's throne.

Just how much the film focuses on Donald Blake and Earth versus Thor and Asgard has been kept a bit more ambiguous. Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, says that the movie's story plays it even-handedly between the two worlds, however, and that means that we'll be seeing nearly as much of the God of Thunder in his homeland as we will in more familiar territory.

"There's a big transition from, you know, the cocky, brash, young warrior to him learning some humility — and with and without his powers he goes through that journey," Hemsworth told MTV News of his character's progression.

As far as the film's time priorities, Hemsworth hesitated to tip his hand to either side, but he did indicate that the movie won't pick favorites.

"It's pretty evenly spread, I think," he stated.

So look forward to seeing just as much ho-hum human architecture in this movie as you do fearsome Jack Kirby-inspired monuments.

Would you rather see "Thor" dedicate more screen time to Asgard or Earth? Do you think a balanced approach is the best strategy? Let us know in the comment section or on Twitter!

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