TWITTER REPORT: 'Thor' Comic-Con Trailer Reactions Roundup

Thor trailerThe new "Thor" trailer that premiered at Marvel's Comic-Con panel made it out onto the Internet this week, and whether it was leaked or "leaked," a whole mass of people who weren't able to see it at the show have now been exposed and have opinions.

A few creators thought it showed too much about the story. Others were just happy to see a "Thor" movie. And Erik Larsen just wished it were as great as it sounded when Rob Liefeld described it to him. Find out who you agree with and post your own thoughts after the jump.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is the Twitter Report for July 29, 2010.

"Thor" pt. 1: @philipsytan Finally saw Thor trailer..somehow the 1st 1/3 was awesome, then all seem pretty generic..then came the Destroyer.. Oh good lord! O___O

-Philip Tan, Artist ("Batman and Robin," "Spawn")

"Thor" pt. 2: @davegibbons90 THOR trailer! Wow!

-Dave Gibbons, Artist ("Watchmen," "Green Lantern")

"Thor" pt. 3: @Robwilliams71 Enormously disappointed in the lack of Brian Blessed in the Thor trailer.

-Rob Williams, Writer ("Dark X-Men: The Beginning," "Robocop")

"Thor" pt. 4: @westonfront @davegibbons90 I feel like I've seen the whole movie now. I keep promising myself to boycott trailers... but I am SO weak....

-Chris Weston, Artist ("The Authority," "The Filth")

"Thor" pt. 5: @jpalmiotti THOR trailer looks awesome fun, but shows too much. teasers should be teasers...

-Jimmy Palmiotti, Writer ("Jonah Hex," "Painkiller Jane")

"Thor" pt. 6: @ronmarz Thor trailer has me wanting to complete my Marvel Masterworks Thor run. Who doesn't love Kirby Thor? Hope @MidtownComics is stocked up.

-Ron Marz, Writer ("Green Lantern," "Witchblade")

"Thor" pt. 7: @BeauSmithRanch I saw a choppy version of the THOR trailer and it looks like a good time to me. As a kid I never thought I'd see THOR as a big movie.

-Beau Smith, Writer ("Guy Gardner: Warrior," "Wynonna Earp")

Parting Wisdom for the Day:

"Thor" pt. 1: @ErikJLarsen The THOR trailer sounded a lot more awesome when described to me by @robertliefeld --

-Erik Larsen, Writer/Artist ("Savage Dragon," "The Amazing Spider-Man")

"Thor" pt. 2: @ErikJLarsen --but then EVERYTHING sounds more awesome when described by @robertliefeld

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