FIRST LOOK: Ben Templesmith's 'Black Sky' Comic And Illustrated Film

Back in April, we brought you the first word on "Black Sky," the upcoming comic and "illustrated film" project in the works from "Welcome to Hoxford" and "Choker" creator (and "30 Days of Night" co-creator) Ben Templesmith.

Today we have a trio of exclusive images from the project that debuted during the Halo-8 panel in Comic-Con.

Black Sky

Directed by Matt Pizzolo, "Black Sky" is a post-apocalyptic story described as "'Band of Brothers' vs. 'Cthulhu.'" Planned as both a comic and an illustrated film produced by Halo-8, "Black Sky" is expected to debut this Fall.

Black Sky

Black Sky

Here's the official info from Halo-8's Comic-Con panel:

BEN TEMPLESMITH unveils new art for BLACK SKY with illustrated-film director MATT PIZZOLO

At Halo-8's "Illustrated Films & Comics" panel during SDCC10, Ben Templesmith unveiled brand new artwork for his upcoming post-apocalyptic epic BLACK SKY, a dark war-movie-style adventure described as Band of Brothers vs Cthulhu.

BLACK SKY is in production at Halo-8 as both a comic book and an "illustrated film" to be directed by Matt Pizzolo (GODKILLER).

Templesmith was joined on the panel by illustrated-film developers Pizzolo and Brian Giberson, as well as fellow creator Tim Seeley (whose LOADED BIBLE will next receive adaptation as an illustrated film) and movie producer FJ DeSanto (The Spirit, upcoming The Shadow).

Templesmith and Pizzolo announced the BLACK SKY comic book and illustrated film will debut this Fall.

About Illustrated Films

Illustrated Films are a new filmmaking format where art & cinema collide.

Designed by filmmakers Matt Pizzolo and Brian Giberson, ill-films utilize

comic book sequential art and add 3D-CGI, motion graphics, elaborate sound

design, music, and dramatic voice performances by genre actors and

rockstars. Though similar in some ways to motion comics, ill-films are a

new format of cinema whereas motion comics are a new format of cartoons.

Pizzolo explained at C2E2 "on first glance, ill-films and motion comics

look very similar... and people might say 'it's moving comics on a screen,

that's motion comics' to which I say 'just because Seinfeld is moving

people captured on 35mm film doesn't make it the same thing as Full Metal

Jacket.' We're filmmakers so we're bringing a cinematic sensibility to

this. We animate motion in the frame, but the need for motion is different

in film... it's not like Michael Madsen bounces around the frame in

Reservoir Dogs the way Wakko does in Animaniacs." The first ill-film was

GODKILLER, whose breakout success led to the launch of an entire slate of

upcoming ill-films. GODKILLER's expectation-beating release included a

platform theatrical run, multiple sold-out DVD pressings (including various

shortform episodic DVDs), and VOD distribution into 75 million homes.

Upcoming ill-films currently in production include Ben Templesmith's BLACK

SKY, the giallo-horror THE LONG KNIVES, James Farr's XOMBIE: REANIMATED,

and Tim Seeley's LOADED BIBLE.