'The Walking Dead' Cast: Who Is The 'Moral Compass' Of Their Group?

We're still months away from the premiere of "The Walking Dead," AMC's upcoming television series about survivors of an apocalyptic zombie plague, but thanks to Comic-Con and our recent "Walking Dead" set visit, we have lots of coverage headed your way to make the time go by quicker.

Case in point: My interview with "Walking Dead" cast members Jon Bernthal (Shane), Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes), and Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori Grimes) on the first full day of Comic-Con. In the following segment, the three actors discuss the stresses their characters face in Frank Darabont's adaptation of Robert Kirkman's celebrated comic book series.

"It's life or death, this entire situation," said Lincoln, who plays former police officer Rick Grimes. "It forces all of our characters to react in different ways to it. Not wanting to get ahead ourselves, I think that our relationship gets compromised on many different levels because we get eroded by the circumstances, and we get changed."

"My character is sort of the moral compass of the piece, but over time his character gets a changed... darker," he added.

But it was that characterization of Grimes as the group's "moral compass" that prompted a response from Callies, who plays Rick's wife in the series.

"I think it's interesting to hear you say that, because I think each of us from our character's perspective would say we're the moral compass of the piece," she returned. "And there are such strong opinions. These three go back forever, they grew up together."

"It's this Camelot model," she continued, "where you have three people who arguably love each other equally, and that's sort of an untenable situation. No pair could make a choice, but there's no way for that to work. You throw into that three people who are desperately trying to protect a little boy and... comedy ensues."

Bernthal, who plays Rick's best friend and former deputy, had more to add about the stresses on their characters.

"You're basically dealing with a bunch of human beings who are searching for some sort of humanity when all humanity is lost," he explained. "In this group of survivors, there's desire, there's real danger, there's extreme want among this group, and there's so much that exists between these characters — and then all of a sudden, a bunch of zombies come out of nowhere and all is lost, and we have to depend on each other for the most of all human needs: survival."

"We have to kill these things in order for us to survive, and all of our differences and all of our conflicts are put aside for that moment, and I think there's something unbelievably human about that," he said.

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