Edgar Wright Says His 'Ant-Man' Wouldn't Work With 'The Avengers'

Ant-ManA few hours prior to the unveiling of "The Avengers" cast at the San Diego Comic-Con International, director Joss Whedon indicated that Ant-Man — one of the original members of the team in the comics — would not be used within the film. However, it may be director Edgar Wright's take on Ant-Man that helped determine whether the character would appear or not.

"I talked to [Marvel Studios President] Kevin Feige about that a while back where we just discussed about whether [Ant-Man] would be in 'The Avengers.'" Wright told Cinema Blend. "The thing is, the script that I’ve written, you know, whether it’s next or not I don’t know, the chronology of it or the way it works wouldn’t really fit in with what they do. And my film is very much an introduction to that character, and so it wasn’t something where it felt right to introduce him in that film."

"Maybe if I do the solo 'Ant-Man' film and maybe there’s a later 'Avengers' then they could draft him in later," continued Wright. "But it didn’t work with the kind of the angle that we were going to do with the origin that I’d written."

Earlier this year, Wright indicated that he intended to write a second draft of "Ant-Man" following the completion of "Scott Pilgrim VS. The World." He also spoke about meeting with Whedon, presumably to discuss their respective Marvel films.

Last month, Wright also stated that "Ant-Man" would not be a straight comedy; although he also mentioned that it would be similar in tone to the first "Iron Man."

More recently, both Adrian Brody and Nathan Fillion have been rumored to be under consideration to play Hank Pym (aka Ant-Man). However, neither rumor currently appears to be credible.

What are your thoughts about keeping Ant-Man out of the first "Avengers" movie? Should the Wasp debut in "The Avengers"? Or should she be first used in "Ant-Man" as well? Break out your Pym particles and let us know what you're thinking in the comment section or on Twitter!