Ryan Reynolds: 'Deadpool Is Not A Superhero'

Ryan Reynolds is starring in "Green Lantern." He's also playing Deadpool in a spinoff of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine." He's also a future member of R.I.P.D. and a former ally of the vampire-hunting Blade. Seriously, is there any comic book property that Reynolds hasn't touched?

Okay, so perhaps Reynolds hasn't exactly monopolized the comic book movie scene — not yet, at least. With his starring turns as Green Lantern and Deadpool on the horizon, one could make the argument that Reynolds is getting greedy in amassing as many superhero roles as he can get.

But don't make the mistake of saying that to Reynolds, as the actor will clearly tell you that Deadpool is anything but a superhero.

"First off, Deadpool is not a superhero and he would stab you in the thorax if he heard you say that," the actor responded when MTV News asked about his fascination with picking superhero projects. He added with a laugh: "I don't think I've ever said anything geekier than that in my entire life."

Taking a more logical approach to the question of playing multiple comic book characters, Reynolds was quick to argue that he's "only played Deadpool for four and a half minutes thus far," referring to his faster-than-a-speeding-bullet cameo in "Wolverine." That said, the actor acknowledged that the plan is to pursue a "Deadpool" spinoff film.

"When we're talking down the line and we're talking about the 'Deadpool' movie, at that point you can call me a greedy bastard," he declared, putting an end to the debate — for now.

Do you think Reynolds is "a greedy bastard" in taking on both Hal Jordan and Wade Wilson, or do you think he's perfect for both roles? You tell us in the comments section and on Twitter!