Chris Evans Describes 'Captain America' Tone As A 'Happy Medium' Between Light And Dark

From the grittiness of "The Dark Knight" to the considerably more tongue-in-cheek "Batman and Robin," it's clear that comic book movies have significant range in terms of tone.

When it comes to "Captain America," it's not exactly the easiest sell — after all, it's not every day that one sees a superhero running on the battlefield of World War II in a star-spangled suit. But for Chris Evans — the actor portraying Steve Rogers in the Marvel Studios film — shying away from a comic book film's more fantastical moments is not just a difficult task, but a potentially unnecessary one.

"The nature of comic book movies in general — I mean, with Wolverine, you've got swords coming out of a guy's knuckles — it's all a bit fantastical," Evans told MTV News when asked about the tone of "Captain America" and comic book movies in general.

"It's about finding a good script, a good director and finding a way to ground it in reality," he added. "Even if it is a bit dream-like, as long as you stay consistent, if you can get the audience to commit in the beginning and go for the ride, I think they'll jump on board and not try to burn holes in our consistency."

Hugo Weaving, Evans' "Captain America" co-star and nemesis as the Red Skull, added that shying away from the grand, occasionally comedic flourishes isn't a necessary step.

"If you can enjoy that aspect of it as well, if the script has a sense of humor to it, then those sides are actually enjoyable for the viewer and the people involved," he said.

"They did mix in some good comedy," added Evans. "It's not comedy on the nose — we're not cracking jokes — but they did find a way to add humor."

Likewise, the film's visual aesthetic will strike a balance between a darker film like "The Dark Knight" and lighter comic book fare such as Evans' previous "Fantastic Four" films.

"As far as the look of it's concerned, I definitely did ask [director Joe Johnston], 'What kind of gloss are we going for? Is this going to have that Spider-Man, Fantastic Four shine?' And he said it's not going to be that glossy or that colorful, but it's not going to be something as dark as something like 'Batman,'" he said. "I think it'll be a nice happy medium. I think the world of 'Iron Man' was done really well. It stayed grounded in reality but still stayed true to the fact that it's a comic book movie, so it does have to have some life to it."

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