Captain America Won't Don 'Final' Suit Until Third Act Of Movie, Reveals Chris Evans

One of the biggest reveals to occur during this year's Comic-Con was the first look at Chris Evans in his "Captain America" costume shown during Marvel's movie panel Saturday evening.

Marvel's teaser only gave us a brief look at Evans in the familiar red, white, and blue suit, so when we got some time to chat with the "Captain America" lead, we had to ask: how much more will we see him in costume during the film? [WARNING: Potential SPOILERS!]

"There's a couple stages [of the suit]," Evans told MTV News. "Initially in the script, Steve [Rogers] isn't Captain America right away. He gets the injection and isn't asked to go to war right off the bat, he's used in different areas and different facets. So he has a couple different stages of the suit. I don't think he jumps in the final suit until the third act of the film."

According to Evans, those various stages of the costume will involve some time as a USO performer — a role which inspires the look of the costume. That look involves a few different versions of Cap's shield, too.

"During the USO tour, there's obviously a different shield," said Evans. "He goes on a couple missions, goes AWOL, and takes the USO shield. Once he's allowed to be this soldier and they outfit him with a new uniform, they decide to outfit him with an updated shield."

As for the costume itself, Evans shared some details about why the look and feel of the popular red, white, and blue suit was appropriate for the 1940s setting of the film.

"I've been working on another project, so there hasn't been enough time as I would've liked to be in London and go through trial-by-error to make it the most comfortable thing in the world," said Evans of the suit. "But it's not bad. It's a World War II movie, so a little bit of a cumbersome feel to it and something that's a bit chunkier not only serves the time period, but looks better — it's not this sleek, spandex suit. It looks like something you might wear in the '40s in the middle of a war."

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