Sinestro Revealed In New ‘Green Lantern’ Posters

Those who were lucky enough to attend the “Green Lantern” panel at Comic-Con last week already got a good glimpse at Hal Jordan’s star-spanning adventures as the defender of Space Sector 2814 — but the rest of us have some nice posters to look at, too.

Four new posters from “Green Lantern” have premiered online, providing fans with their first look at actor Mark Strong as Sinestro, the purple-skinned and mustached alien mentor to Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan.

Also revealed are Reynolds as Hal, Blake Lively as love interest Carol Ferris and Peter Sarsgaard as the big brained Hector Hammond, one of the film’s central villains.

The four posters come in pairs, with Reynolds’ poster corresponding with Lively’s and Strong’s with Sarsgaard’s. When combined, the two sets of posters create two different power batteries, with Strong and Sarsgaard’s featuring a tinge of yellow on Hammond’s side of the aisle. Perhaps this is a subtle tease that the yellow end of the spectrum — representing “fear,” the opposite of the Green Lantern Corps’ representation of “will power” — is slowly creeping over towards Sinestro, who eventually heads down a darker path.

Additionally, when viewed from Reynolds to Lively to Strong to Sarsgaard, the posters recite the first portion of the Green Lantern Oath, which Reynolds finally recited to a young fan at the “Green Lantern” panel to uproarious applause. As the oath is left incomplete by these four posters, it’s worth wondering whether an eventual second set of posters will finish Green Lantern’s famous pledge.

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