Will Eisner's 'A Contract With God' Tagged For Film Adaptation

A Contract with God movieWill Eisner left behind a lifetime of work that goes well beyond "The Spirit" when he died in 2005, and few creators can claim to have pushed the graphic novel into popular existence the way he did with his book "A Contract with God." Now, a group of directors and producers that includes former DC Comics editor Bob Schreck have announced that they plan on bringing Eisner's story collection to film.

"Getting to know Will Eisner was one of the great honors of both my personal and professional journeys," Schreck said in a press release. "We are all well aware that the work ahead has a very high bar of excellence to aspire to set by Mr. Eisner's pioneering achievements in storytelling."

Four directors, Alex Rivera ("Sleep Dealer"), Tze Chun ("Children of Invention"), Barry Jenkins ("Medicine for Melancholy") and Sean Baker ("Warren the Ape") will each tackle the book's individual chapters, "A Contract With God," "The Street Singer," "The Super" and "Cookalien," respectively.

The announcement points out Eisner's original focus on New York City tenement life during "challenging economic times," which might have stood out to someone as a salient theme in the stories that could connect with audiences in theaters. The original work showcased Einser's virtuoso mastery of illustration and layouts and will be a tough act to follow on film, but these guys sound like they're ready to give it a go.

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