Comic-Con: 'Avengers' Director Joss Whedon Is 'The Guy For The Job,' Says Chris Evans

Last night's big debut of "The Avengers" cast (thus far) was clearly the highlight of this year's Comic-Con, but the actors portraying Marvel's team of mighty heroes weren't the only stars of the Marvel Studios panel. Joss Whedon's gig behind the camera as "The Avengers" director was also made official this weekend — and we made sure to ask "Captain America" lead Chris Evans about it when we snagged some time with him.

"It seems like [Whedon] knows the world incredibly well," Evans told MTV News. "It seems like this world respects him back. It seems like he's the guy for the job."

"He did a pass on the 'Captain America' script and it was phenomenal," he added. "All the little tweaks he made, he really knows storytelling, he really knows dialogue and scriptwriting and that's always a comforting thing."

However, Evans didn't want to look beyond the current film he's working on, "Captain America," just quite yet. After all, fans only got their first look at him in costume this weekend during the Marvel Studios panel.

"We're focusing on this for now, that will be later," he said of "Avengers."

Evans was similarly uncertain about the idea of Captain America being "the leader" of the team — something Tony Stark might take issue with down the road.

"We'll see how they're going to write it," said Evans. "I'm not sure what Joss has in mind, but I'm sure they'll find a way to make everyone blend and have a role to play. I don't think anyone's going to be carrying the load."

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