Destroyer Armor From 'Thor' Debuts At Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con's Marvel movie panel Saturday gave its audience first looks at both "The First Avenger: Captain America" and "Thor." The show floor where Thor's hammer and Odin's throne showed up proved to be ground zero for the off-screen unveiling of the latter film's Destroyer armor, however.

Destroyer armor

Marvel left a pair of golden doors closed behind the throne for the first few days of SDCC, but it turns out that the space being concealed was hollowed out and prepared to display the metal suit. The mystical armor that's come close to killing Thor on more than one occasion in comics looks detail-for-detail like its illustrated counterpart, and if Loki plans on trying to take the Norse God of Thunder out off commission in "Thor," it's a fair bet that he's going to want to use this fine piece of Asgardian craftsmanship.

Destroyer armor

The Norse God of Mischief being played by Tom Hiddleston will presumably be the one we seen climbing into this classic Marvel artifact for the film, but unless director Kenneth Branagh takes plot twists off the table, anything is possible.

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