Joss Whedon's 'Avengers' To Have 'Civil War'-Style Tension Between Captain America & Iron Man?

Joss WhedonJoss Whedon feels comfortable talking about his role directing "The Avengers" now, and even though he's still keeping story details under wraps, he did go on the record to state that the movie won't be based on Mark Millar and Steve McNiven's "Civil War." He did promise to let Captain America and Iron Man butt heads, however.

"You know 'Civil War' comes from what's great about the dynamic between [Captain America and Iron Man]," Whedon told io9. "And so does 'The Avengers,' they definitely are at odds. But it's not a 'Civil War' thing because it existed before that, at least in my mind."

Ultimately, Whedon said that he believes the tension in "The Avengers" and "Civil War" will be rooted in the same issues at the heart of the Avengers team and who Steve Rogers and Tony Stark are deep down inside.

"They are two very different definitions of a person," he explained. "One is a self-made man, a modern man, a rockstar. The other is a World War 2 grunt, just trying to do his part. They couldn't have more different views of the world. That will just end up in fun. It ended up in 'Civil War' in the comics, in my movie it will be witty banter."

So don't get your hopes up to see a Superhuman Registration Act or a group of Avengers recruits that includes Slapstick just yet. Whedon has his own plans, and whatever they are, he knows his source material.

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