Michael Cera Went Undercover As A Gorilla In The Scott Pilgrim Experience Line

"Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" star Michael Cera's involvement in film's Scott Pilgrim Experience at San Diego Comic-Con this week wasn't limited to just making T-shirts. As it turns out, he hung out in line and posed for a picture or two. The funny part is that the fans taking the photos didn't necessarily know who they were shooting.

"I'd like to point out that we have the Scott Pilgrim Experience, where we can make T-shirts and stuff, and Michael — as some actors do go out on the floor with a mask on — Michael put a mask on and lined up for his own Scott Pilgrim Experience in disguise," director Edgar Wright told MTV News.

Cera corroborated the story, and sounded like he enjoyed himself thoroughly.

"It was just a gorilla," the actor said. "It's a fierce looking gorilla. People were coming up and asking for pictures of just me — with a guy wearing a gorilla mask."

That means someone walking around Comic-Con has a picture of an awkwardly posed gorilla cosplayer. Cera demonstrated how he moved while portraying the character character he created for the man behind the mask. He admitted that his body language may have gotten a bit weird — Wright called it a "hipster gorilla" — but whoever caught him on camera may never know the full story.

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