Zack Snyder Says 'Xerxes' Will Parallel '300'

Zack Snyder and his "300" co-writer Kurt Johnstad have teamed up once again to write the screenplay for Frank Miller's follow-up miniseries "Xerxes." The "Watchmen" director still hasn't spoken to Gerard Butler about a cameo, but he sat down at San Diego Comic-Con to clarify how "Xerxes" will related to "300" and how he's approaching the new adaptation.

"Yes, I am in fact writing it," Snyder told MTV News. "Kurt and I are writing it right now using Frank [Miller]'s graphic novel that he's creating as our spine, as our jumping off point, as our Bible. Frank came up with a cool story, and it parallels "300" in a really cool way."

Snyder emphasized that the story won't be a true prequel or sequel, since its events coincide with what happened in "300."

"Instead of it being a sequel or a prequel it kind of — Artemesia, which is the battle that it sort of chronicles, takes place on the exact same three days as Thermopylae," he explained.

The overlapping days may also make it possible to bring back Gerard Butler. Though Snyder has yet to issue an invitation, he did indicate that he would like to work him in to the script.

"I gotta talk to [Butler]," he stated. "That would be awesome."

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