'The Green Hornet' Panel: Seth Rogen Brings His Pulp Hero To Comic-Con

The Green HornetBy Ryan Downey

At long last, Seth Rogen has brought "The Green Hornet" to Comic-Con, and he made the arrival official with a panel Friday night. Here's the minute-by-minute report:


Seth takes the stage. "I'm sorry if you were expecting Ryan Reynolds," he joked. "He's in another kickass comic book movie. And for the record I know he can kick my ass. I'm tired of being asked that."


Footage begins. The first cheer in the footage was for Christoph Waltz. The footage is not in 3D.


Michel Gondry, Waltz, Evan Goldberg, and producer Neil Moritz join Seth on stage. Seth begins by saying he and Evan always wanted to make a hero / sidekick movie. "The challenge was to make [all of the references to prior incarnations] feel organic," he said.


Gondry said the relationship between Britt and Kato attracted him to the movie. "We wanted to explore that relationship," Rogen agreed.


"I was asked to play this very subtle character," Waltz joked. "I was asked to join this extraordinary group of men."


Neil said they all hate bad 3D and pushed the release date back in order to allow time to get it right.


Rogen introduces an unfinished 3D sequence where the pair bond over their mutual hatred for Britt's father. The clip includes "Kato vision" during a very cool and sort of trippy (in Gondry fashion) fight sequence.


Seth said he did some of his own stunts, but "I'm no hero kids!" He said Jay does a lot of stunts and his own music.


"As long as there are guys like Louis CK you don't need me doing standup comedy," Seth said in answer to a question about returning to standup.


Waltz said he wanted to work with Seth and Gondry. "He hadn't won the Oscar yet when we got him. That's how we tricked him," Seth joked.


"Writing is fun because you don't have to shave and lose weight," Seth said about writing vs acting.


Loud cheers for a fan dressed as Kato stepping up to the mic. "I was sweating under mine but it was worth it," Seth said in answer to a question about doing stunts in masks.


Why use the original costumes? "We figured if it ain't broke, don't fix it," Seth said.


Gondry felt it was important to respect the character and the legacy of Bruce Lee.


Seth told a girl she seemed "super baked right now." She admitted he was right. "Save me some," he said.


Seth said his character becomes more heroic and responsible than any other character he's ever played.

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