'Priest' Actor Cam Gigandet Says Post-Apocalyptic Vampire Western's World 'Is Unlike Any Other'

Director Scott Stewart has spoken highly of the "Twilight" and "True Blood" cast members he assembled for the adaptation of Hyung Min-Woo's "Priest." Together with his co-stars Maggie Q and Karl Urban at San Diego Comic-Con this week, Cam Gigandet returned the compliment, even if Stewart's direction proved to be challenging on occasion.

"The world Scott created is kind of unlike any other," Gigandet told MTV News. "Sometimes it was hard to visualize what he had in his mind, but I've seen clips, and its unbelievable. ... Just to work with all of these people, they're such an amazing cast. I didn't have any doubts [about taking on another vampire-related role]."

The intense work paid off for Gigandet in the end, however, and he said the film's characters should appeal to audiences on multiple levels.

"[There are] so many different levels, and so many people are doing things that sacrifice for all sorts of love," Gigandet said. "It's not just one set love story. There are so many different levels going on."

Urban supported his co-star's sentiments and explained why filmgoers expecting a rehashed vampire plot may be surprised.

"This is a post-apocalyptic vampire western," he stated. "The emphasis isn't heavily on the fact — it's not like a 'vampire film'; there's so much more to it."

Aficionados will be able to judge for themselves when "Priest" comes out in Summer 2011.

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