EXCLUSIVE: 'The Goon' Footage Hits Comic-Con Like A Knife To The Eye!

Earlier this week, we gave you a teaser for "The Goon" footage that debuted during tonight's panel at Comic-Con, and now we have something more... a lot more, in fact!

The new footage is a longer clip created by Blur Studios to showcase the project, which is based on Eric Powell's celebrated Dark Horse Comics series and produced by award-winning filmmaker David Fincher. "The Goon" team is looking for a studio to snatch up the project and finance production, and after seeing the footage here it probably won't be long until that happens.

Just in case you haven't been following our coverage of the film, The Goon is voiced by Clancy Brown, with Paul Giamatti providing the voice of Franky. Powell wrote the script for the film.

We'll be talking to the whole "Goon" team during Comic-Con, so make sure to keep an eye on the site here for more about the project and when we might be able to see more sweet, sweet slackjaw-killin' in the future.

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