Robert Rodriguez Wants 3-D For 'Sin City 2,' Recalls Fond Comic-Con Memories

Robert Rodriguez surely has many more San Diego Comic-Con memories left to be made in his career, perhaps even one or two involving a Deadpool movie. The "Machete" director made a trip to Comic-Con International this year for for a film that's turning into a comic book, rather than vice versa, but "Sin City" holds a special place in his heart to this day when it comes to landmark events at the show.

"Probably the first treasured memory is my first big presentation — was coming here with a piece no one had seen that I had cut together myself comparing the footage to the comic of 'Sin City' and showing that to an audience and telling the whole story of how we did it and making these little mini-posters out of our own studio that we had our actors sign," Rodriguez told MTV News, "and that iconic Jessica Alba one was the one that was then selling the next week on eBay for hundreds and hundreds of dollars."

The rest is history, of course, but it still puts a smile on his face when he mentions the trip.

"It was very exciting," he said.

Looking forward, Rodriguez said the 3-D treatment was a no-brainer for the long-awaited next installment of "Sin City." Asked whether "Sin City 2" would be a three-dimensional journey through Frank Miller's gritty, noir-influenced universe, the director didn't even blink before offering up an answer.

"Oh, yeah — it would have to be in 3-D," said Rodriguez.

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