'Astro City' Film Rights Go To Working Title Films

Astro CityKurt Busiek has made a big name for himself in superhero comics with runs on A-list titles like "Avengers" and "Superman." "Astro City" showed what he could do in his own, independently created world, though, and Working Title Films wants to take that vision into theaters.

"I'm thrilled to be doing 'Astro City' with Working Title Films," Busiek said, according to a report on SuperHeroHype. "For years, we turned down all offers for the book, but Working Title's track record on great movies like 'Love Actually, 'Oh Brother, Where Are Thou?' and 'Shaun of the Dead,' and their commitment to high-quality, character-driven storytelling, make me confident that this is the perfect place to make an 'Astro City' film a reality."

The series, which premiered in 1995 and has been published by Image Comics, Homage Comics and WildStorm, follows life in a city populated by Busiek's own heroes, including Jack-in-the-Box and Winged Victory.

Busiek and "Requiem for a Dream" producer Ben Barenholtz will produce the film, along with Jonathan Alpers. With any luck, they'll get Alex Ross to chip in for some movie posters when all is said and done.

Would you be excited to see an "Astro City" film? Which storyarcs would you like to see it based on? Let us know in the comment section or on Twitter!

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